Personal website for Ethan Rooke a PhD student studying applied mathematics at the University of Iowa.



Computer Graphics Forum: May, 2019
Generalizing Convolutional Neural Networks to arbitrary two dimensional surfaces.

Irreducible Semigroups with Fixed Frobenius Number

Rose-Hulman Undergrad Math Journal: May, 2017
This paper provides an introductory exposition to numerical semigroups, provides upper and lower bounds to the number of irreducible numerical semigroups with fixed frobenius number, and just for kicks provides data supporting a 2013 conjecture by Laird and Martinez.


Pixel Arrays

AMCS Student Seminar: February 21, 2020
Category theory seems to be sneaking it's way into applied/computational papers as of late. In this talk we look at one such paper, learn a new algorithm, some category theory, and examine what (if anything) categories added to the paper.

Auto Diff

AMCS Student Seminar: November 4, 2019
An overview of automatic differentiation. Contains a brief explaination of forward mode autodiff and an even shorter look at reverse mode.


Graduate Student Seminar: May 8, 2019
Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have been incredibly succesful at image recognition tasks recently. However their defintion restricts them to Euclidean space. In this talk we introduce CNNs, highlight their dependency on Euclidean space, and attempt to generalize them to arbitrary two dimensional surfaces.